Agnès Hémery’s Art is the vision of a symbolical, unrevealed world.

The figures in her pictures are mysterious and enigmatic; they surge forcefully towards us from the depths of the unconscious.
Through her work, Agnès Hémery tries to unveil the mysteries of the other world.
The artist’s purpose is to extract the Spirit contained in matter: That’s why she likes associating her work with the soul of the architecture it is shown in: Her paintings have been displayed in harmony with historical monuments for more than 30 years.

2- Abstractions.

In this series, the figures have disappeared into energy and emotion.
Colors surge in turmoils and arabesques from thick matter like the Big Bang before a newborn world.
Maybe it is simply the foreboding of this invisible yet existing world.
In all cases, these abstract paintings are the signs of a resurrection.

3- Works on paper.

The artist feels a deep complicity with paper as a living medium endowed with a soul, the soul of the trees it is made of.
Paper responds to each touch, each sign. The Ariadne’s thread of pigmented inks brings us to the boundary of other worlds and nobody knows whether they should be revealed.